We Build Your Dream

Humble Beginnings

Firefly Fabrication started as a food truck repair service built on referrals. Repair after repair exposed the same problems on every truck.

Were food truck fabricators cutting corners? Did they even care about how these failures affected their customers? 

Justin Campbell founded Firefly Fabrication to build quality food trucks for hardworking people.

Our Ethos

“Every truck we build is the best truck we’ve ever made.”

At Firefly, we’re obsessed with improvement. The constant evolution of our product is powered by honest customer feedback and relentless innovation… It’s also powered by Justin’s personal experience overcoming the same challenges every food trucker faces.

In the Weeds

Fresh out of culinary school, Justin decided to gut and retrofit his own food cart the “The Pickled Sausage“. He served up eats to loyal customers for three humid Florida summers before selling his business and moving to LA.

In Los Angeles, Justin learned that food trucks were a perfect vehicle for experiential marketing. He put his culinary knowledge to work touring the U.S. with brands and advertising agencies like Spike TV, ConAgra Foods, Miracle Grow, and Clinique Cosmetics.

At every event and food truck commissary, he connected with people… People who were passionate about sharing their food, product or brand with the world.

Shared Success

Each experience led Justin to a deeper understanding of both the food truck industry and the customers Firefly now serves.

At Firefly Fabrication, we build your dream.