Los Angeles has a thriving food scene, with food truck catering Los Angeles being amongst the best in the world.  Downtown LA is one of the most sought-after destinations in California due to the high amount of great food trucks and amazing vendors that help bring their brand to life.

The History of Food Truck Catering

California has long supported independent traders and while LA may only just be in the top 5 places to visit, it has long championed small producers and food businesses.

In the early 1800s, you could stroll through downtown LA and be met with horse-drawn carriages that sold food to locals and tourist heading into town. The love for street food was heightened in the 70s with the arrival of a kitchen on wheels that make the food truck catering industry burst into action.

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Knowing Where to Park your Truck

Vendors were allowed to apply for a permanent place to park up or a license to drive around the most popular LA hotspots and their dreams of opening up their restaurant were achieved at a fraction of the start-up costs.

Time has moved on and there are more regulations that need to be adhered to, but the people of LA are still happy to support independent businesses and event planning teams recognize the power of food truck catering too. There are no restrictions on competition, which means that chefs and food brands are constantly dreaming up innovative menus to keep their regulars happy and to help them be the talk of the town.

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