If you are thinking about working with a custom truck builder in Los Angeles to create your own food truck business, it is time to start thinking about a concept. As 2018 draws to close, it is time to look ahead at the predicted food trends of the new year that can help get the new year started with a bang.


We don’t think the BBQ trend every really goes away, but the demand for food cookedon charcoal is set to gain strength in 2019. This time, BBQ food will not all be about burgers and steaks.  BBQs and open fires will be used to cook all three courses bringing a new depth of flavor to food.

Indian Food

There has been lots of great Indian food served on the streets of LA over the years, but we are going to see a whole lot more in 2019. Rather than traditional Bangladesh style curries that are readily available, we will start seeing food from different regions of India making its way to food trucks.

Vegetarian Food

While the vegan food movement is sure to continue to take the world by storm in 2019, we will also see a rise in mainstream vegetarian food. Many have empathy with the vegan movement and want to do their best to eat consciously but cannot quite go the whole way to cutting out all animal products. Expect to see inventive ways of cooking veggies and providing more options on the street food scene.


Street food means that you do not have to sit down at a table to eat when you are in a rush, but 2019 will see portion sizes and ease of eating leading the way. For busy people who don’t have time to eat large portions of food, food will downsize so that it is easy to eat and will not take too long. Think more bar snacks rather than sit down meals, bite-size burgers and a whole new way to eat vegetables.

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