Whether you bake at home and want to start a new business or you have a bakery and want to expand your business investing in a food truck can help you make lots of dough! Firefly Fabrications can make a custom build food truck to help you start your mobile catering business and can advise on all aspects of your business. We can take care of your design, manufacture, any food truck accessories, repairs, and much more.

Food Truck Builders

Firefly Fabrications are reputable food truck builders in LA who can help you realise your baking dreams. By taking your freshly baked goods on the road you can expand your customer base and maximise your profit. Mobile bakery trucks are popular for breakfast fundraisers, work events, wedding brunches, festivals, and film catering so there are endless opportunities.

It’s all in the Planning

When it comes to starting your own mobile bakery it Is important to have a full plan in place. Some of the things that you will need to consider are:

Market research—get to know the baking industry including competitors, potential revenue, running costs, demand for products

Create a business plan—make sure you get your finances in place and you have a full strategy in place on how you can earn a living and repay any outgoings 

Determine your target audience—LA is a big place so you need to understand the demographics of the areas that you could like to work and what products would appeal to each area

Advertising—marketing will play a big part in getting your business off to a great start and making it a success.

Menu design—the proof is in the pudding when it comes to successful food businesses. You want to create an exciting menu that will attract new customers and keep them coming back

Firefly Fabrications can help with all of the above so get in touch today and we can help you create a custom build food truck of your dreams.

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