Setting up your own food truck business in an exciting time and, as one of the leading food truck manufacturers in LA, Firefly Fabrications, love to be a part of that excitement. We are passionate about delivering an excellent service to all of our customers, which means that we celebrate the success of all business ideas. With every successful business there will be times when it is not all plain sailing.

 Preparing for Obstacles

 In order to for your business to be successful you need to be sensible in confronting potential problems. Even the most successful of food truck businesses faces strain form time to time. Firefly Fabrications lots of experience in the food truck industry, custom building trucks for established businesses and newcomers. We can help you from start to finish and can offer advice on everything from concessions trailers for sale and food truck repair.

 Try you Stay Motivated

 When your business idea hits a bump in the road it is easy to become disheartened. The key is to keep hold of your vision and remember why you pursued your ideas in the first place. You can speak to family, friends, business partners, and custom truck builders who can give you a new perspective on how you can move forward.

 Ensure that you have Funding

 Firefly Fabrications can dive into the detail of the finances that will be needed to bring your idea to life, ensuring that you have enough investment to achieve your goal. We will be honest about what can and cannot be compromised and will think of creative ideas so that you can stay on budget.


 Advertising your business and getting custom to your truck is one of the most difficult aspect of starting up a food truck business. Your custom food truck builder will advise you on how you can promote your brand and keep the momentum going as your business grows.