If you have a custom made food truck and you want it to keep on attracting new customers it is important to pay attention to your menu. You may have popular dishes that you know that you cannot get rid of but there will be other dishes that you need to think about.

In order to stay ahead of the game and keep your street food trending take a look at these top tips. If you don’t yet have a food business but are looking for a food truck for sale this is what you will need to think about when designing your menu.

  1. Stay Seasonal 

By sticking to seasonal foods and ingredients you can make use of the freshest products around. Keeping things seasonal can also be great in terms of marketing, for example you can promote your Halloween menu weeks in advance and your customers will love the hype and will want to be first in line.

  1. Check out the Competition

It is always good to look around you and see what others are doing. If there are several trucks doing well from one type of food you could create your own version or, on the other hand, you can look to offer something different so you have a USP.

  1. Add a Classic Dish

It is great to experiment and keep up with the latest trends but try to have one classic dish on your menu, such your version of a hotdog or a burger to cater for those who are not as adventurous. 

  1. Rotate your Menu 

You don’t want your regular customers to get bored with your food so make sure you rotate a few dishes.

  1. Specials

To keep things fun you can add a weekly or monthly special on, whether it be food or drink. This is another great marketing tool as your favorite customers will be excited to try it out.

If you are looking for a custom food truck for sale contact Firefly Fabrications and we can help you find the perfect truck for your business.

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