If you are planning on starting a beer-based business and like the idea of being mobile, expert truck builder Firefly Fabrication. We can help you with all aspects of your business including menu design, food truck parts, marketing, and legal permits.

When thinking about your mobile beer business you will need to consider the following:

 Understand the Market

 Craft beer is a big business at the moment as more and more microbreweries are popping up. LA residents and tourists are constant looking for something new and exciting, so you need to research what beers are in demand and always try to find something new to attract customers.

 Know your Competition

 If you research what other mobile food trucks are doing, you can try to offer something different. If you find that there is not a lot that is different in terms of product you can think of unique marketing ideas or ways that you can offer a unique customer experience. Looking at competitors can also help when it comes to pricing, location, and trading hours.

 Ensure your Paperwork is in order

 As with any food or drink business you need to ensure you have adequate insurance and all of your legal permits are in place. As you are serving alcohol you will need to check local authority guidelines about their rules on serving alcohol. This will be the same if you want to serve beer at private events.

To work with professional truck builders on your beer business, contact Firefly Fabrication today.

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