The food truck business in LA is HUGE and it is so exciting to be a part of it. As the best food truck builders in Los Angeles, we know how rewarding it can be for people to realize their dream and start their own food business. While it sure is a lot of fun flipping gourmet burgers or lovingly preparing your special recipe pizza dough, there are lots of less fun things to get in order, like paperwork and health and safety checks.

Health Inspections

One key aspect of running a food truck business is health and safety, including food hygiene. Firefly Fabrication is your trusted custom truck builders who can take the hassle out of all things related to health and safety. We can ensure that you have all of the correct documents, certificates, and legal permits to run a food business helping you through everything step by step.

If you are thinking of opening a food truck business, you will need to carry out the following steps in order to pass health inspections.

Perform self-inspections—this will help you keep on top of your work in preparation for full inspections

Good food hygiene—your custom truck builders can help you buy the best equipment and can recommend food hygiene courses,so you know how to store, prepare, and serve your food

Clean, clean, clean—every nook and cranny need to be clean to keep pests to a minimum 

You can always ask a health and safety expert to give you the once over and provide hints and tips on what you can do better. You should expect to be inspected on a yearly basis or more, if you have had a bad report. 

For a food truck builder in Los Angeles that you can trust, contact Firefly Fabrication today.

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