Firefly Fabrication is not just a custom food truck builder. We are advocates of the LA food truck industry and want your business to succeed. If you are looking to start a food truck business, these top 10 tips will make it a success:

1) Simplify Your Food Truck Menu

If you can “cook anything,” that’s fantastic. However, you will get more business if your menu offers 5 – 10 great options. Showcase your signature dish and surround it with your best supporting options. A simple, delicious menu makes it easier for customers to decide what to order. It will also speed up your prep times and service volume ultimately making you more money.

2) Chat with Your Customers

Get to know the people who are eating from your truck. Developing a relationship will encourage them to come back and bring their friends. You may even set up tables out front so people can relax and build memories with your food.

3) Embrace Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram, are still awesome ways to market your food and serving locations. Post photos of your food, of events, and yourself. Use Hootsuite or another free social media management platform to manage multiple accounts at once.

4) Keep Your Food Truck Clean and Running

Health inspectors aren’t the only ones who like a clean truck. So do your customers! Keep your kitchen spotless, and give the exterior a wash if you’ve had a big storm. Some commissaries provide cleaning facilities and mechanics to help you out. Keep your truck well maintained, and keep a contingency fund in case you need repairs.

5) Get Your Paperwork in Order

Secure your mandatory permits and tax forms early. Set calendar reminders to renew them. When health inspectors show up for surprise inspections, be ready for them.

6) Balance Your Books

Consider processing payments with a POS system like Square or Toast. Knowing how much money you made (or didn’t make) on every shift is critical. Patterns in high and low sales will help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Plus it makes taxes way easier at the end of the year!

7) Diversify Your Offerings

Food prep is an art form, so have fun with it. Foodies love limited-time offerings (e.g. McRib), so try out a special menu item for holidays or events. Mixing it up will keep your passion and creativity alive, which will appeal to more customers. Who knows? If you do well enough, you may as well open a second custom food truck.

8) Network with Other Food Truckers

No food truck is an island. Talk to your fellow food truckers between shifts. Join a local food truck association. You’ll gain more knowledge, event leads, and friendships to grow your business.

9) Hire Good People

Hiring for any kitchen is a challenge. Invest a few extra bucks and a little more time to cement lasting relationships with your kitchen team. A happier team will pay for themselves quickly by making more sales and reducing turnover.

10) Do Your Homework

Read up on how people are engaging with food trucks in their community. Keep your knowledge of events, regulations, and food types fresh. Keeping your truck current is a great way to take advantage of trends to build lasting loyalty.

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