Great Food Truck Blogs That Boost Your Food Truck BusinessIf you are dreaming of opening your own food truck business, but do not know where to start, we can offer you some help.

For advice, inspiration, and motivation, you can speak to a custom truck manufacturer, but the following articles will help you on your way to fulfilling your dream of owning your own catering truck.

1. For Inspiration

Meet Justin Campbell of Firefly Fabrication in Sylmar
Preview: I have always had a passion for building and design. As a child, in my free time I would work on projects in my parent’s garage in Bradenton, FL where I grew up. One time, I even tried to carve a dugout canoe from a block of wood. I would drive my parent’s crazy making a mess of their garage, but learning how things work and how to create was constantly on my mind. Some of my first construction projects were working on and remodeling large boats.

In this blog, you can look forward to hearing from Firefly Fabrication’s food truck manufacturer Justin Campbell. Hearing the story of a rising star can really help you visualize your dreams because it’s not always about how much money you have in your bank.

2. For Business Advice

Top 10 Tips for Starting a New Food Truck Business
Preview: The tips include

  • Expect reality
  • Take inventory of yourself
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Know the rules
  • Eat the competition
  • Do one thing and do it well
  • Consider partners carefully
  • Write a business plan
  • Raise as much cash as you can
  • Bootstrapping

In this article, you will hear from the author of ‘The Food Truck Handbook’ David Weber. David has many years of experience in the industry and can help you get an idea of what life really is like in the food truck world.

3. For Industry Tips

61 Owners Share Secrets to Starting A Food Truck Business
Preview: To teach others about how to start a food truck business, we decided to reach out to our network and get advice directly from the owners we talk to every day. To arm newcomers with the best information possible, Roaming Hunger asked 61 food truck entrepreneurs about their experience starting a food truck business, and the advice they’d give to others.

This article gives you a real insider’s view of life as a food truck owner—the good and the bad!

If you feel inspired to open your own food business, Firefly Fabrication is one of the leading custom food truck builders California has to offer. Contact us today and we can design the best catering truck for you.

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