If you are thinking of starting a street food business and are deciding whether to buy a food truck or a food trailer, Firefly Fabrication can help. Firefly is the best custom fabrication Los Angeles has to offer and can help you in making the most important decisions when it comes to starting your business.

If you are wondering what the difference is when it comes to food trucks and food trailers, including all aspects of truck design, here is a basic rundown.

Food Trucks

You will have seen hundreds of food trucks throughout LA, so you should be familiar with what they look like. A food truck is exactly what it sounds like, a motor vehicle that has a self-contained space that can be used for cooking. A kitchen is installed into the back of the truck and food can be served from a hatch at the side. You know the drill! Food trucks offer full flexibility as you can simply hop in to your truck and go wherever you need to!


In comparison to food trucks, trailers are independent to vehicles and have to be attached in order to move. People often choose a food trailer rather than a truck as they can have more space than a food truck. Some people like to use a trailer so that they can use their vehicle for other things other than work.  As food trailers are bigger and bulkier than food trucks, they can be less flexible as they are not always easy to park in smaller places or at private events.

To ensure you hire the best custom fabrication in Los Angeles has to offer, choose Firefly Fabrication. We are experts in food truck plumbing and design and can ensure your business gets off to a great start

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