At last, you’ve perfected your recipes and are ready to roll with your mobile catering business. Your next step is to select the best vehicle to carry your flavors to the street. As you might guess, each setup has its pros and cons.

While food trucks dominate the mobile food vending scene, they are far from the only way to mobilize your business. As you enter the food truck industry, consider whether your dream fits better in a food truck or a food trailer.

The Pros and Cons of Food Trucks

In the world of mobile vending, the food truck is king. It’s the benchmark for what most catering clients and event customers expect to see. Here’s why:


  • What you see is what you get – a food truck needs no explanation
  • Flexibility and mobility to serve many locations
  • Easy to drive, park, and maneuver
  • A full wrap means your restaurant on wheels is 100% branded

But a food truck does have its downsides compared to food trailers:


  • More expensive to buy or build upfront
  • If your truck breaks down, your entire business is stranded

The Pros and Cons of Food Trailers

As an add-on to an existing pickup truck, a food trailer (also called a concession trailer) is ideal for certain cuisine types:


  • Lower upfront cost (if you already have a tow vehicle)
  • More room for cooking, serving, and special equipment (e.g. pizza oven)
  • Can be parked overnight at a multi-day event or a semi-permanent food court without sacrificing your ability to drive home at night
  • If the tow vehicle needs repairs, the business isn’t paralyzed

The fact that a trailer needs to be towed though comes with some negatives:


  • More expensive upfront (if you don’t have a tow vehicle)
  • Total length makes maneuvering and parking more difficult

So Should I Choose a Food Truck or Concession Trailer?

Do you plan to serve multiple locations daily and be instantly recognizable as a restaurant on wheels? You may be ready to buy, rent, or build a food truck.

Do you have a tow vehicle, excellent maneuvering skills, and just need a spacious, less expensive commercial kitchen? Consider a concession trailer.

No matter how you choose to show off your catering business in your community, you are in good company. The mobile food industry is vibrant and diverse with both food trucks and food trailers. All that’s missing is yours.

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