If you have a food based business and would like to expand to weddings and events Firefly Fabrications can help you buy a food truck. Food trucks are an inexpensive and fun way to expand your business so that you can bring your restaurant food to outdoor events and weddings. Food truck weddings are very popular as LA couples look to enjoy the most of LA weather and the relaxed feel an outdoor wedding brings. By allowing your business to adapt to the catering industry you can ensure that you make great profits all year round, with summer being a prime time to capitalise on the great food that you make at your restaurant.

Helping You Find The Best Food Truck

If you have made the decision to buy a food truck in can feel overwhelming which is why working with a fabrication company like Firefly Fabrications can save you a lot of stress. We can find a concessions trailers for sale or you can invest in a brand new food truck that we can design and manufacture for you. We will ensure that you are involved from the beginning of the design and production process and will support you throughout, particular when it comes to food truck repair requirements.

You may feel uneasy about buying and managing a food truck but there are lots of options to suit your budget and we will ensure you stay on track. With full professional advice on everything from appliances and branding you will not look back when you see how much you can expand your business in the food truck weddings industry.

To find out more about Firefly Fabrication services and to elevate your business today contact one of our friendly team members today.

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