If you are planning on starting a food truck business and need to understand your legal requirements, custom food truck builder Firefly Fabrication can help. Starting your own food business is an exciting time, but you do not want to fall at the first hurdle by not following your legal responsibilities.

Food truck builder Firefly Fabrication can give you expert advice on exactly what paperwork you need in place before you go in to business. The legal requirements for a food truck business include the following:

A business license—even though you are mobile, you are a business and will need to register with your local authority

Vehicle license—the cost will depend on the vehicle you are registering

Sellers permit—standard for all business that sell a product

Food sellers permit—that will ensure your food is safe to eat

Health department permit-to ensure that you are working safely

In addition to the above permits, you will also need to ensure that you contact your local authority to check if they have any specific permits for their area. There may be some restrictions on what you can sell, what your opening hours are, and where you can park, for example. Speaking of parking, it is vital that you plan ahead where you are going to park your truck and make sure that you are parking legally.

While talk of legal permits sounds daunting, it is all very easy once you have completed forms. You can simply renew each year and get on with selling great food.

If you want advice on your legal requirements or any other aspect of starting a food truck business in LA, contact custom food truck builder, Firefly Fabrication today.