Mobile catering and street food has well and truly taken LA by storm. Custom built truck trailers are a great investment for anyone that wants to go into the food business without a great deal of capital. Food trucks are a good investment with relatively few risks and the potential for lots of revenue.

Taking your Business on the Road

When you invest in a food truck you are not restricted to one building, you can take your business on the road. This means that you can change location to where you are most likely to get custom, whether it be private events such as weddings and parties or booking a regular pitch on the streets and parks of LA.

Firefly Fabrications is a food trailer manufacturer that can help you design the prefect truck for your business. If you are completely new to the industry we can guide you very step of the way and will talk through lots of different options to give you the full picture of the opportunities ahead. Not only will we help you build your truck we have experts on branding and menu designing so that you can maximise your potential.

Freshly Cooked Food

Food truck fans love the fact that they can eat freshly cooked food at a low price and they can taste different types of food from all over the world. The joy that you get from serving customers with food you both love is second to none and you will enjoy meeting lots of new people as your business grows.

If you want to hear more about starting your food truck business and want to work with the best food truck builder in Los Angeles, get I touch with Firefly Fabrications today.

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