Food truck catering is a popular way of eating for residents and tourists throughout LA, which means that starting a food truck business can be very profitable. Running a food truck is also lots of fun as you get to carry out a job you love while chatting with people and leading a flexible lifestyle. Custom food truck builder Firefly Fabrication is a brand that is here to help inspire you to start a street food business and will support you in every step along the way.

Be Inspired

“Food trucks are to adults what Ice-cream trucks are to children”

This quote pretty much sums up why LA is packed full of food trucks. They offer affordable food that is cooked fresh and will take you to all corners of the world. Whether you want authentic ramen noodles or tasty Mexican tacos, you are sure to find a food truck for you.

If you are a foodie and are inspired to open your own food truck business, it is best to talk through your ideas with a food truck builder. Firefly Fabrication can move you from being inspired to running your own business in a matter of weeks.

Let us Know What you Want

If you have been inspired by a food truck quote, a favorite vendor, or a cool brand, you can use this motivation to come up with a USP of your own. Our experienced team will talk through your ideas and give you honest advice of what may or may not work.

To work with a custom food truck builder that has your best interest at heart, contact Firefly Fabrication today.