Opening a food truck business is an exciting time and there will be lots to think about in terms of what food you will specialize in and how you want your custom food truck to look. While these are both important factors there are a few regulations that need to be adhered to and that you must think about before launching your business.

Firefly Fabrications manufacture custom food trailers and we help our customers explore various regulations so that they keep themselves and their customers safe. The most important regulations are as follows;

  1. Tax ID

A personal identification number will allow you to process sales tax from customers and ensure you adhere to government rules.

  1. Vendor License

This is legal certificate that confirms that you can operate your LA food truck

  1. Mobile Vendor Permit

You will need to apply for a mobile food vendor permit in Los Angeles 

  1. Driving License

If you have a large truck you may need to apply for a commercial drivers license. As a reputable custom food truck builder Firefly Fabrications can design a truck that will take into account your current license and you may not have to apply for a commercial license.

  1. Parking Permit

Most areas of LA will need a parking permit for your food truck, unless you are working at private events. Make sure you are up to date with parking rules for each location you work at. 

  1. Food Managers Certificate

This will ensure that you practice full food safety guidelines to keep you and your customers healthy

If you want to work with the best food truck manufacturers in LA contact Firefly Fabrications today.

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