Working in the heat of a food truck is always difficult, but when it comes to hot summer months it can become unbearable. If you are feeling the heat as we head in to the warmer months, take a look at these tips from custom food truck builder Firefly Fabrication.

  1. Turn off the heat when you can

Unnecessary heat will not only make you sweaty and grumpy it will lose money too. Turn of grills and cookers when not in use, or simply lower it down during slow periods. You should also keep your lights off unless you really need them.

  1. Find a shady spot

You can’t always choose a spot to park your truck, but if you can look for a shady spot. You may want to think about buying an awning too.

  1. Dress appropriately

Investing in good quality fabrics that are cool and breathable will make a huge difference. You may also want to wear a cap if you are often in full sunlight.

  1. Keep your fridge closed

Opening your fridge door all of the time will create more heat as it has to work harder to alter the temperature. Try to get your food out of the fridge in batches and leave it out for as long as possible. A warm fridge is the last thing that you want.

  1. Catch a breeze

If you can, keep doors open to create a breeze through your truck, even if it is just one side. You may also want to invest in good quality fans.

In addition to these top tips, it is also important to stay hydrated, make sure your food truck is in good condition, understand the symptoms of heat stroke, and keep all storage to a minimum. If you are unsure on how best to manage the day to day running of your food truck Firefly custom food truck builder can help.

For the best food truck builder in Los Angeles has to offer, contact FireflyFabrication and we can help you keep your cool over summer.