When it comes to custom concession trailers Firefly Fabrications are the best in LA. Food trucks are as popular as they are mobile, easily accessible, and convenient for food lovers. The most profitable food truck business are the ones that invest in great design at the beginning of their food truck journey.

As the best food truck manufacturers in California We take a look at 5 food truck features that will lead to business success

  1. A Robust Refrigeration Unit

When it comes to food truck plumbing and appliances it is important to invest in the best that money can buy. Units comes in a variety of sizes and will keep your food fresh and able to meet food hygiene standards.

  1. Accessible Order Window

You will need to make sure your customers can access their food easily and you can take payments with ease. You may want to install an awning for customer comfort on rainy or hot days.

  1. Good Prep Tables

You will need a work surface that allows you to prepare orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. As the best custom concession trailers team in LA can help you design the best layout to make your truck work to the best of its ability.

  1. AC Unit

Food trucks can get very hot so you will want to keep your staff happy and your food at optimum temperatures.

  1. WiFi

Social media and marketing will play a large part of your food truck business so make sure you always stay connect with a good WiFi system.

If you are interested in food truck leasing and want to work with best in LA contact Firefly Fabrications today and we can look at the best way to kickstart your business.

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