Whether you are looking for a complete career change or you want to step out of you waiting staff outfit and run your own food business, Firefly Fabrication can help. Our custom food truck builder services can help you on the way to owning your own food business in just a few easy steps. If you are wondering if owning a food truck is the right career path for you, take a look at these 10 reasons why being a food truck owner is awesome.

 1.It is such an adventure

 We guarantee that while owning a food truck is hard work (what job isn’t?) it is also lots of fun as you meet new people, go new places, and design menus that the people in LA will love.

 2. Eat, breathe, and sleep food

 If food is all you think about you can be surrounded by it every day!

 3. You can have freedom

 You can work as little or as much as you need and finally be your own boss!

 4. It is cheap

 Startup businesses need something cheap and affordable and Firefly Fabrications work with all sorts of budgets

 5. You talk to new people

 If you love chatting while you work this is the perfect job

 6. You can get creative

 By creating meals that people have never tasted before you can really put a smile on their faces

 7. You get to see the city

 Visit new places and try new things on your food truck travels

 8. Every day is different

 There is no chance of you being bored when you own a food truck

 9. You can learn to run a business with ease

 Less overhead means less pressure and a food truck offers a gentle way into the world of business

 10. There is lots of support

 A custom food truck builder like Firefly Fabrication will have your back every step of the way

 To work with one of the best food truck builders in Los Angeles, contact Firefly Fabrication today and bring your foodie dreams to life.