Food Truck Wraps

We print and install vinyl wraps for your food truck, trailer, cart, or mobile marketing vehicle in-house

While there are a variety of ways to finish the exterior of your food truck, branded food truck wraps are the most popular by far and for good reason. Graphic wraps offer a great combo of durability, customization and affordability.

Wrap Durability

The type of vinyl Firefly uses has a special fade-resistant UV coating that protects the sun’s harmful rays. This keeps colors bold and bright and your truck looking newer, longer.

Vinyl is also impervious to rain and water. Since the wrap covers all the welds and rivets of your vehicle, the vinyl acts as a protective “skin” that minimizes corrosion. Worried that a good scrubbing will damage your wrap? Don’t. Food truck wraps have a tough finish that holds up to deep cleanings just like your car’s paint.

And if your truck does get scuffed or damaged in an accident, it’s fast and inexpensive to reprint and apply a small section of the affected wrap. Just send the original print files to Firefly and your truck will look like new in no time. 

Custom Wraps

Our large format color printers can print literally any design you dream up in an infinite array of hues. We’ll create wrap templates specific for your food truck and advise on some best practice guidelines. With these templates, you or a graphic designer can create a custom wrap design using the software of your choice.

With your design in hand, it’s time to choose from a variety of finishes and features:

    • Glossy High sheen creates a polished look
    • Matte Useful to avoid on-camera reflections for film, TV or photoshoots
    • Whiteboard Use dry erase markers to change out your menu items, write announcements or let customers doodle on your vehicle while they wait
    • Magnetic Ask about Firefly’s custom magnetic menu boards!
    • Low tack Ideal for short term food truck rentals when you don’t want the temporary wrap to damage an existing wrap or painted finish beneath
    • Full All four visible sides of the truck are wrapped to maximize branding
    • Partial Most often vinyl logo “cut outs” applied only to key locations

Depending on the complexity of the wrap installation, it usually takes one day to install a full food truck wrap by our team of professionals. While the wrap is applied in sections, the finish will look seamless upon completion.

Wrap Affordability

While more expensive than a solid powder coated finish or a graffiti paint job, wraps are the next cheapest option.

“Graffiti would be cool for my truck” you say? Unfortunately, regular paint finishes (like spray paint) flake off and look shabby over time… probably not the image you want ot project about your business.

Think a solid powder-coated finish would look elegant? It does, but that would be like owning a billboard that you paint white. Your food truck is a mobile billboard for your business. Sacrificing that free advertising will cost you customers, and ultimately, money in the long run.

If a full food truck wrap is truly outside of your budget, we recommend a partial wrap that compliments the color of your powder-coated finish. Partial wraps use less material and take less time and experience to install. We can then pass these cost savings on to you.