Food Truck Manufacturing

Make your dream road-worthy with a custom food truck, trailer or cart.

Food Truck Manufacturer

Firefly Fabrication focuses on our customers’ success. That’s why we’re one of the highest rated food truck manufacturers in California.

Here’s what sets us apart...


We stand behind all our products with a one-year warranty on everything we build.

Experienced Team

If you’ve read our story, then you already know about the experience that make our team special. Whether you want to build a concession trailer or need simple modifications to an existing food truck, we’ve got you covered. Our skilled team of designers, manufacturers, and maintenance experts understand how to build a food truck that exceeds your expectations.


A food truck is a big investment. We want you to be 100% confident during every stage of your Firefly experience:

  1. Design We encourage you to ask questions, set up an in-person tour of our shop, and talk to us about your business goals. Together,  we’ll  settle on the best design for you, and you’ll get a free, line item quote. 
  2. Build Great communication doesn’t stop when you choose us. We’ll continue to update you on the progress of your build with weekly check-ins. Don’t want to talk to anybody? No problem. Tune in to our shop cameras to watch your truck being built in real time!
  3. Delivery After your truck passes health inspection, your new food truck, trailer or cart is ready for delivery. We like to schedule a one-hour walkthrough with every customer at delivery. Our walkthrough checklist guarantees that 1) everything on the truck looks and works as expected, and 2) you’re comfortable using every aspect of your new mobile food vehicle.
  4. Aftercare Questions will pop up once your food truck is on the road. Firefly offers continuing support as you launch your new business. Call, text, email or visit us anytime.

Build Quality

A durable, well-designed food truck is a key ingredient in your success. At Firefly, we believe in building things better:

  1. Layout A thoughtful kitchen layout maximizes the amount of food you can store and prepare during a meal service – more throughput means more profit. That’s why we make sure every inch of space in your kitchen is utilized from storage to prep space to appliance locations. 
  2. Equipment Your menu will dictate the types of kitchen appliances and equipment you need. Appliance repairs can be costly in both money and time… especially if you’re in the middle of a service.. That’s why we like working with reliable appliance brands like True, American Range, Fry Master and Nelson that are less likely to break and offer a manufacturers’ warranty just in case.  
  3. Materials We’re always on the lookout for quality materials that are durable, attractive and provide a great value for our customers. For instance, we now offer cabinets in an FDA-approved, food grade, powder-coated steel finish. Water and scratch resistant, this finish is incredibly long-lasting. Plus it has the added benefit of allowing customers to customize their colors!
  4. Fabrication We build everything with an eye towards safety and cleanliness. All our builds exceed Los Angeles health and building department codes (the strictest in the nation)… even if you don’t plan to serve in LA. This includes details like curb mounting all appliances to eliminate debris collecting beneath them. Plus we offer some exclusive innovations like easy-to-clean unibody floors and modular cabinet doors that are a snap to remove, clean and replace.

Eye-Catching Branding

Your food truck is a mobile billboard. Let us help you design an exterior that will attract customers and communicate your brand. Want reclaimed-wood cladding? A channel letter sign? A modern, graphic wrap? We do it all in-house.

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